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Group Coaching

Standard Package

Energy from a group enhances the coaching experience. Witnessing others overcome obstacles can give you a clearer vision of your own roadblocks. Group support and insight can give you the momentum to make the necessary changes in life. Get the tools you need and see how different people utilize the same tools to achieve different outcomes. Inspiration, ideas, and strength can be found when everyone is working toward their individual goals together. Learn to apply the group's experiences and insights into developing plans to build your future.  Dream building is easy when you have the support of a trusted coach and invested group members

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What’s included?

Two sessions per month (up to 60 minutes each)

+ Plus, the following support:

  • Introduction to new tools and methods to overcome obstacles getting in the way of you experiencing your beautiful life

  • Conversation with like-minded people

  • Weekly “Cheers & Challenges” conversation kickoff

  • Recorded calls 

  • Weekly text or email with inspiring or contemplative messages

  • Downloadables with reflection questions

  • Volunteer “warm and glowing” spotlight coaching

Additional sessions can be scheduled on an as-needed basis between regularly scheduled sessions at a reduced rate.

Promise: If within the first 30 days of your coaching package, you find energy coaching isn’t right for you, and you have attended your scheduled coaching sessions and submitted your completed worksheets from the coaching sessions to date, you may request to cancel future coaching sessions and receive a refund.

Not sure if this is right for you?

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“Thank you so much - feeling light and strong and grateful - makes sense and explains a lot”

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