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Everyone I’ve met has a deep down fear that there’s something wrong with them. They believe that they aren’t good enough, or smart enough, or good looking enough. Some people react to this fear by judging themselves, hiding, making excuses and engaging in negative self-talk. Other people do everything they can to prove that they are good enough yet whatever they do is never enough. Still others try to get assurance from other people. Whether that other person gives the assurance or not, for some reason it never sinks in.

What if there’s actually nothing wrong with you? What if it’s just a story? What if there are reasons you are holding onto this story?

And if that’s the case, what if you could discover those reasons and release them so that you could see, know and feel the Truth about yourself?

This is generally when someone shares the three simple steps to feeling better about yourself. And you scramble to learn the three simple steps…only to be disappointed. Or you are offered the magic pill that will make you feel better about yourself. And you agree to take it, only to find out that it doesn’t work.

If there was a quick fix to feeling good about yourself, don’t you think you would have found it already?

I spent years trying to feel better about myself. I attended university, then law school, and then received a Masters Degree in Tax Law. I worked in a large law firm as a tax attorney. I married and had children. I went to therapy, took medication, read self-help books, did affirmations, and prayed. I continued to seek…there must be a way. I wasn’t willing to give up. Thankfully, that’s not my nature. I’m a problem solver and I was determined to solve this problem.

It wasn’t until I discovered and studied the significance our thoughts, fears and traumas have on our ability to see the Truth about ourselves was I able to see there was a light at the end of my journey. It took ten more years of studying and testing out different methods. Finally, I understood why we feel this way about ourselves and what we can do about it.

I became acutely aware that there was no quick fix. If that disappoints you, I invite you to lean into your disappointment. I’d rather have a solution that requires time and effort than to stay in the same uncomfortable state forever. How bout you?

Here’s the Cliff Notes version of what I know.

There’s nothing wrong with you. You have a very powerful subconscious memory bank that’s storing memories from your past, your ancestors’ past, the group consciousness, events you observed, read about or watched. That memory bank is there to keep you alive which is something that we all want to do. Unfortunately though, many of those memories are outdated and out of context and there isn’t a way to update them. Thinking about them, talking about them, forcing your way through them, or chastising yourself doesn’t work.

The only way I’ve found to successfully address this outdated memory bank is using a combination of energy work, better problem solving, more appropriate action steps, and support. It requires a method to discover the root cause of your subconscious fear, understand how you’ve solved for that fear, and determine a better way to solve for it. In most cases, you aren’t aware of the root cause because it’s buried deep in your subconscious.

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