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Energy Coach Training

The Energy Coach Training is a one-of-a-kind program for individuals who are called to help people who are ready to effectively navigate the obstacles and challenges in their lives, bring the un-obvious options into focus, experience all that’s possibleand become the hero of their own life story.

Do you feel called to help people who feel stuck, on autopilot or self-sabotaging what they want the most?


Is it hard to watch people continue to use limited tools to overcome their challenges and obstacles, only to end up back in the place they started?


Are you tired of watching people have limited perspectives of what’s possible in their lives, while missing out on all of the miraculous options and opportunities that are available to them?


Do you long to help people become the hero of their own life story?


Are you ready to experience all that’s possible for your own life while creating a meaningful, fulfilling, and lucrative career?


If this is you, learn more about Energy Coach Training.

This training has two areas of focus:


Your Own Journey to Becoming the Hero of Your Own Life Story

Inside of you, there is a longing for something more.  You followed the prescription for success and you aren’t feeling fulfilled or you don’t feel like you can achieve it.


In the Energy Coach Training, you’ll get the tools and support you need to be free to create life on your terms - in your personal life, your work life, and your relationships.  Our participants experience amazing results:  Launching successful Energy Coaching businesses. Creating healthy boundaries and upleveling their relationships.  Having the courage to be their authentic selves and follow their own inner compass.  


You’ll learn how to get to the root of your doubts and fears, understand the significance of your subconscious memory bank in your day to day life, and use effective tools to update it with new experiences.  You will learn how to harness the power of your feelings, intuition, imagination and energy rather than continuing to use tools that are limited, don’t work or result in you sacrificing something else in order to get results - with live instruction, coaching, and support from Belinda several times a week for eight months.


Empowering Others to Become the Hero of Their Own Life Story

Imagine:  What if you knew how to create a sacred and safe space for your clients to do their inner work and had the tools to help them overcome the obstacles and challenges getting in their way to becoming the hero of their own life story, no matter what life throws their way.  What if you knew how to help get them get to the root of their being stuck and self-sabotage and release the limiting beliefs that are causing their doubts and fears?  What if you could help them to have the confidence to be their authentic selves and create the spaciousness for all the options and opportunities to come into focus, including many that they were not consciously aware of?  What if you could teach them how to harness the power of their own feelings, intuition, imagination and energy to become the hero of their own life story?


It’s possible.  Over the past decade, the hundreds of people who experience these tools report that they 1) have confidence in themselves and what’s possible 2) live authentically and intentionally 3) have tools to handle stressors more effectively 4) create rich and meaningful lives and become the hero of their own life story.


What would it mean for you to be able to help the people you serve become confident creators of the life they’ve always dreamed of?  The Energy Coach Training is where you will learn how to do that.  Through live instruction, coaching, training and practice, I share everything I’ve learned about how to help people become the hero of their own life story.  

Why I created this training…

Something inside of me knew from a very young age that we didn’t have to be victims of our circumstances.  I knew it was possible to be the director, producer and main character of our life story but I didn’t know how.  


Like most of us, I slowly became less intentional about pursuing this dream as life’s challenges got in the way.  Over time, I became proficient at navigating the obstacles and challenges life throws at us without realizing that my life was getting smaller with less options and opportunities.  That inner voice kept nagging at me though, I knew there was more.  


I gave myself permission to explore what it might mean to be the director, producer and main character of my life story.  I was frustrated by obstacles and challenges overshadowing everything else in my life.  I was tired of the voice of fear and negative self-chatter whispering in my ear, keeping me stuck and hiding.  I started looking for answers, ways to create a beautiful and meaningful life no matter what life throws my way.  


One day I had an epiphany.  There wasn’t something wrong with me.  I was using tools that didn’t work.  It was like I was trying to use a hammer to screw a screw into the wall.  


So many of the tools we typically use are based on survival.  I wanted tools that allowed for expansion into what was possible.  I was determined to find a way.



I discovered that we already have powerful tools that we may not know how to use effectively…Intuition, feelings, energy, and imagination.  Using these tools in creative ways along with consistent practices allowed me to eliminate my doubts about myself and what I thought was possible so I could experience the beautiful life I’ve always dreamed about, and YOU CAN TOO.


As you can imagine, my path to this realization was not a straight one.  And if it were solely up to me, I may have continued on the path that I was conditioned to believe was the only path to happiness.  Go to school, get a good career, get married, have two or more children, a house, a white picket fence, and maybe a dog.  


I was one one of the lucky ones to have been able to follow that path to what I thought was success.  I thought there was something wrong with me because the promised happiness was still elusive for me.  Others are on a constant quest to follow that path and believe that unless they achieve what we believe to be the prescription for happiness, they will never be happy.  


Looking back, I realize that I followed the path of least resistance.  We often follow that path until something happens that causes us to pivot. I’m sure you’ve experienced this in your own life.  It may be the loss of a job or a loved one, an illness, or even a nagging feeling that you can no longer ignore.  


My path of least resistance involved my career.  I became a tax lawyer because that’s what was expected.  Even though it didn’t nourish me, I never considered other career paths.  Apparently, the Universe had another plan.  My younger daughter, Marlee, experienced a serious health condition and that was the impetus for me to pivot.  My focus needed to be on my daughter.  


I was drawn to explore other ways to help Marlee that were either alternative or complementary to traditional methods. What I didn’t understand at the time was that I needed healing as well.   


My journey led me to energy healing, meditation, yoga, shamanism, and functional medicine coaching.  I became much more aware of a mind, body, spirit approach to both healing and to life.  I was compelled to understand why we often sabotage what we want the most and why our ability to see what’s possible is so limited.  Over time, that evolved into my life’s work.


Years later, my older daughter, Alyssa, suffered from a mysterious illness.  There were times I felt defeated, even hopeless, but I continued to search.  I knew there was a cure.  I just didn’t know what it was.  My search led me to the world’s leading expert who was 98 at the time.  I reached out to him and he was there for me like a trusted guide, providing me with his expertise and experience, a plan, and the support I needed.  What happened next is nothing short of a miracle.  Alyssa was cured of the mysterious illness AND unexpected and beautiful opportunities and options were placed in her path.  


I am keenly aware that we are not meant to be on our life’s journey by ourselves.  We often run into obstacles and challenges and we don’t have the tools or the expertise to navigate them.  


We all need a trusted guide, 

  • Who listens to us, believes in us, and is invested in us

  • Who has expertise, experience, and a perspective that’s different from ours

  • Who has a plan that uses tools and methods that work

In the Energy Coach Training, you will work with me who will be your trusted guide for your own journey to becoming the hero of your own life story and you will learn how to be the trusted guide for others.  

If this speaks to you, I hope you’ll join us.

I look forward to supporting you.  

With love,


What I bring to this program:

Over 30 years of experience helping people overcome obstacles and challenges and empower themselves to become the hero of their own life story.  

A unique hybrid of practical tools and solutions that are grounded in your physical day-to-day reality AND that allow you to experience the mystical side of what’s possible for you.  

My unique perspective comes from many years of professional and personal experiences

  • Lawyer and advocate

  • Energy healing and coaching

  • Leadership in charitable organizations

  • Single mother traversing life's obstacles

  • Passion for discovering the un-obvious options

  • Lifelong student of the mind, body, and spirit connection

A little more background information for you…

I earned my undergraduate degree from University of California, Berkeley, my law degree from Wayne State University Law School in Detroit, and my Masters’ in Tax Law from New York University School of Law.  My coaching training and certification is from the Functional Medicine Coaching Institute.  I have earned many certificates in healing and complementary healing modalities which are listed below.  All of these professional experiences, combined with a lifelong passion for finding effective and practical solutions to living life to its fullest, inform the Energy Coach Training.

I’m a single mom of two adult women, ages 31 and 29, and live in Bloomfield Hills Michigan where I love spending time with my two daughters, having deep and meaningful conversations with friends, working with my committed and beautiful clients, and exploring new places and experiences. 


Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 12.58.04 AM.png

Attorney, Juris Doctor and Masters’ in Tax Law

Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 12.58.13 AM.png

Certified Functional Medicine Coach

Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 12.58.19 AM.png

Theta Healing Instructor and Teacher

Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 12.58.23 AM.png

Tara Mohr Playing Big Facilitators Training

Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 12.58_edited.png

Four Winds Shaman (Energy Medicine)

Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 12.58.31 AM.png

The Resilient Heart™: Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath

Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 12.58.46 AM.png

Psych K Practitioner

Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 12.58.50 AM.png

Reconnective Healing Practitioner

Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 12.58.55 AM.png

Pranic Healing Practitioner

Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 12.58.36 AM.png

Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Volunteer Service

Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 12.59.00 AM.png

Board of Directors of TSCAlliance

Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 12.59.04 AM.png

Patient and Special Needs Advocate


Our Bigger Mission

Creating opportunities for people to learn how to say no to being victims of their circumstances and being run by conditioned limiting beliefs and perceived fears, have the courage to be their authentic selves, follow a path that nourishes and feeds them, and become the hero of their own life story.  


Why?  Because the world needs people who are creative, wise, generous, and kind.  The world needs more people who help lift up other people and serve as role models for what can happen when we are free of limits that have been imposed on us by other people because of their own fear of feeling uncomfortable.  When we recognize what’s available to us when we are able to see the truth of who we are and what we can become and learn to take action that’s in alignment with that truth, unexpected and miraculous opportunities open up for us…and for others as well.


I want to help committed people who are wise, visionary, compassionate, and ethical to feel empowered to fulfill their dreams, not just for themselves but for the betterment of their family, their communities, and the world.  


I believe that when we do this work, we show other people what’s possible.  Not from forcing, controlling, being-closed minded, working to exhaustion, or greed.  What’s really possible when we operate from loving kindness and compassion.  


We have an opportunity to create real change right now…but it starts with us doing our own work and helping others to do their work as well.


Together, we can help to bring peace and unity to the world.  The Energy Coach Training is not just a course, it’s a movement.  Join us!

What would it be like to experience these powerful changes in yourself and to help bring them about for your clients?

The 4 Part Energy Coach Training Process

Wooden Home Framing


Build the Foundation

Learn foundational concepts about the significant role our subconscious survival system and our fight-or-flight response plays in our thoughts, decision making and actions.  Understand that the tools you are using are limited and based on survival and how they result in self-sabotage, negative self-talk, and unnecessary self-blame.

Carpenter Tools


Learn New Tools

Learn how to harness the power of your feelings, intuition, imagination and energy to empower yourself and others to become the hero of their own life story.  Stop using surface level tools that are a temporary fix and learn to get to the root of your limiting beliefs and fears and how to be free of them.  Learn how to support these tools with daily practices and practical action steps with more curiosity and levity.  

Notebook and Pen


Application and Practice

Learn how to use these tools yourself and how to help others with these tools as well.  Understand that inner work doesn’t need to be painful or hard.  Much of what you are carrying has nothing to do with you, it’s what you’ve made the experiences in your life mean.  You will learn how to embrace your feelings rather than do everything in your power to avoid or distract from them.  You will learn how to support others as they do the same.  You will learn how to use your own unique gifts in powerful ways, building on your intuitive (or psychic) skills and your creative and practical imagination.  You will understand the power of energy and how we can easily shift into other energetic states that provide for more clarity, more expansion, and more possibilities. 

Plant Pots



You will receive the support you need from Belinda during the course in both a group setting and one-on-one.  We believe in the healing power of the coach-client relationship.  After the course, you’ll have complimentary access to future Energy Coach Training sessions and our community network.  You will also have email access for questions that arise as you begin your Energy Coaching career.  As you continue to become the hero of your own life story and help others to do the same, we will be there to support you over the long term.

The Energy Coach Training Curriculum

Introduction to Energy Coaching

In this module, you will learn how the concept of Energy Coaching came about.  You will understand the limitations of traditional coaching and the limitations of complementary or alternative healing methods,  You will understand how blending coaching best practices with practical and effective energy healing techniques and tools will help your clients to overcome the obstacles and challenges getting in their way of creating the beautiful and meaningful life they’ve always dreamed about and becoming the hero of their own life story.


Are Our Circumstances Set in Stone or Is Change Possible?

In this module, we will explore the many viewpoints on change as well as evidence that change is possible.  We will examine the biology viewpoint of epigenetics, the psychology viewpoint of nature vs nurture, the educational viewpoint of fixed vs growth mindset, and the spiritual viewpoint of miracles. You will learn what’s necessary for change and how our thoughts, beliefs, and fears impact what’s possible for our health and in our lives.


Steps to Becoming an Exceptional Energy Coach

You will learn what it takes to become an exceptional energy coach, including building the foundation, doing your own inner work, practice to become competent, awareness, reflection, and being a role model in your own life.  You will understand why your triggers get loud in the beginning of the training as your own transformation starts to take an expedited path and how to welcome these triggers and work with them.  You will make the commitment to yourself to practice what you learn so you can become confident in your own work as an Energy Coach.



You will understand the lengths people go to in order to avoid painful or uncomfortable feelings.  In this module, you will learn how to support the client when it’s important to feel the feelings and create the space for the healing and clarity that results from leaning into the feelings.  You will also learn how to help the client to see feelings as a source of important information and how to work with that information.  You will understand why it’s important not to bypass feelings with spiritual practices that don’t validate the client’s feelings or honor their truth.



In this module, you will learn how our imagination can be used in the coaching process and as a powerful daily practice.  Our imagination is an easily accessible tool that can be used in a variety of ways, including relaxation, meditation, energy shifts, different states of consciousness, creating new neural pathways, practicing new realities, healing methods, and more.  You will learn how to access your own imagination and help your clients to do the same.  



You will learn what intuition means, how to distinguish it from fear, and how to trust it.  You will understand that your intuition (the well of inner wisdom) comes from your heart and your connection with the powerful state of love. You will learn heart opening practices that will help you to access your intuition and know how to trust it.  You will learn the importance of loving kindness towards yourself and others as you become more confident in using and trusting your intuition and helping your clients to do the same.



In this module, you will learn how energy can be used in the coaching process.  Energy is not something we typically think of when trying to overcome a challenge or find a solution, yet it can be a powerful and effective tool in our toolbox.  We will explore energetic frequencies and energetic states and their significance.  You will understand the power of shifting into more generative energetic states, when that may be helpful and when that may be spiritually bypassing an opportunity to do inner work that may be incredibly healing.


Inner Work

This module will explore different concepts of inner work, how to do your own inner work, and how to create a safe space for your client to do this work.  While inner work can sometimes be painful or challenging, the end result is always worth it.  As you get into the habit of doing work consistently, you will notice it becomes easier and more effective.  You will then be able to create the space for your client to do the same.


Creating Sacred Space 

In this module, you will learn how to build rapport and trust with the client.  It is important to create sacred space for the client - a non-judgment zone in which the client feels safe to explore their challenges and obstacles, inner dialogue, and limiting beliefs so that they can identify their own unique gifts and strengths and step into their potential and all that’s possible for them.  You will learn the value of holding space for the client to reach their potential, even when they don't know it exists.  You will also learn how to put your own daily challenges and triggers on pause and move into a loving space so you can serve the client even when your own life gets in the way.  You will have opportunities to practice these skills in this module.   


Complementary and Alternative Healing Modalities

You will learn about the many different types of complementary and alternative healing modalities, including modalities that (1) use hands and energy, (2) focus on meridian lines and acupressure points, (3) get to the root of the limiting beliefs and fears, and (4) listen to the body.  You will learn how healing occurs through Shamanism, psychic readers and mediums, movement, breathwork, yoga, music and meditation.  You will learn the limitations of these methods and practical and effective solutions.  You will have the opportunity to learn and practice some techniques for feeling and working with energy.


Accessing Psychic Senses

In this module,  you will learn about psychic senses, what they are and how to access them.  You will learn about different brainwave states and how the theta brain wave state can be used to enhance your life and to help you with your clients.  You will understand why we need psychic senses to receive information that we know exists but cannot see, hear or feel with our typical 5 senses.  You will learn about the chakra system, what each represents and what difficulties show up when a chakra is not functioning well.  You will start to practice using these senses to better help you in your day to day life and with your work with clients.  


Scanning and Healing

This module is focused on learning how to use a theta brain wave state and psychic senses to (1) scan someone’s body and receive information that’s not available to us with our typical 5 senses and (2) request and witness healings. You will learn important concepts in scanning and healing, including the roadmap to the theta state, free will and the request, the powerful synergistic relationship, and the need for witnessing.  You will also address any doubts or limiting beliefs that may come up.  You will have opportunities to practice these skills so you are able to use them in your work with clients.  


The Stress Response

In this module, you will understand how our stress response works and what happens when it is triggered.  You will understand how this response can result in self-sabotage in instances that are not actually dangerous but are perceived to be dangerous based on past experiences.  You will learn the different reactions that occur that are out of proportion to the actual situation and how we often self-sabotage what we want the most.  You will learn how to identify when this is occurring and what we can do about it.


Our Powerful Subconscious Survival Memory Bank

When there is a conflict between our conscious mind and what our powerful subconscious survival memory bank deems to be safe, the conscious mind always loses.  We then try to find solutions that often have unintended results - working harder at a cost to our health or relationships, sacrificing our own needs and desires, turning our anger inward and finding fault with ourselves, or other equally disempowering strategies.  In this module, you will understand the role of this memory bank and where the memories come from.  You will also understand why the tools you have been working with to deal with these memories are limited and cause us to self-sabotage what we want.  


Belief Work

In this module, you will understand the importance of identifying limiting beliefs and what to do about them.  Limiting beliefs are stored in your subconscious memory bank to keep you safe with no context and no method for updating what’s stored there.  While it may provide some relief for clients to understand that an experience as a child caused them to think and act a certain way, that alone does not provide an opportunity for the client to be free of those limiting beliefs.  You will learn how to use practical and effective tools to create new experiences that take into account context and circumstances.  You will begin to practice using these tools so you can become proficient at using them with your clients.


Getting to the Bottom Belief

Much of our typical exploration of self-sabotaging thoughts and actions is at a surface level.  We don’t do a deep dive into where our feelings originated.  In addition, once we discover where a limiting belief originated, we tend to see everything through that same lens.  In this module, you will learn techniques to get to the bottom belief and what you can do about it.  You will learn how to use practical and effective tools to help the client be more empowered and move forward in the ways that work for them.  There will be opportunities for practice during this module.  


Lessons, Gifts, Contracts, and Virtues

In this module, you will learn how to explore the lessons or gifts we often have the opportunity to receive from our more challenging circumstances. You will also understand how contracts, vows, and curses affect our beliefs and what we can do about them.  We will also explore the concepts of virtues and how challenging situations provide us with an opportunity to learn virtues and what we can do once the virtue has been learned.  


Heart Intelligence Techniques

In this module, you will learn tools and practices for accessing the heart’s intelligence.  You will be introduced to the HeartMath Institute which for 25 years has been researching the heart-brain connection and learning how the heart influences our perceptions, emotion’s, intuition and health.  These tools and practices will be helpful for you to use in your coaching sessions with your clients and in your everyday life.  You will be able to guide your client to use these tools both in the coaching sessions and in their daily lives.  


How and When to Ask Questions

This module will provide you with an understanding of the value of knowing how and when to ask questions.  You will learn what type of questions elicit information that’s most helpful to the client and how your questions will send the client in one direction or another.  You will also understand when to be silent and how to be comfortable in the silence so that the client can allow buried thoughts and feelings to come to the surface.  There will be opportunities to practice during this module.  


The Arc of Coaching

You will learn how to use the Coaching Arc, including getting clarity over the client’s trigger or challenge, honoring the client’s feelings and receiving information from them, using specific tools to shift into a more powerful energy, looking at the situation from a new perspective, and determining helpful action steps.  When you pair the Arc with intuitive guidance using psychic senses, the client will experience powerful openings for new perspectives and unexpected opportunities.  


Male and Female Energy

In this module, you will learn what characteristics are most prominent in male energy and what characteristics are most prominent in female energy and how this energy can impact our ability to achieve our dreams and goals in different ways.  We will explore the differences between male and female energy and how to find the right balance for ourselves and our clients.  


Being Human

In this module, we will honor ourselves and our clients as humans, capable of so much more than we believe to be true and at the same time making mistakes along the way.  We will understand that the conditioning we’ve taken on and the strategies we’ve used to deal with our fears has caused us to expect perfection of ourselves and others.  In this module, we will explore what we make our mistakes and failures and the mistakes of others and their failures mean while practicing compassion and grace.  


Honing Your Psychic Skills

In this module, you will explore the different ways you can use your psychic abilities to help the client on their journey.  You will have opportunities to practice your psychic abilities and become more proficient at identifying and deciphering the messages and delivering them to the client in ways that allow for more expansion into what’s possible and more creativity in their day to day life.  You will also learn the different ways messages may come in (numbers, animals) and how to determine what those messages mean.  


The Spiritual Support Team

In this module, we will explore concepts of our spiritual support team and what this might mean for your client.  You will learn ways to identify and receive information from angels, guides, deceased loved ones, and the laws of the universe.  You will have the opportunity to practice receiving this information and get real time feedback from your practice partners.


Specific Healing Techniques

Learn a variety of specific healing techniques, including clearing energy fields, removal of ghost imprints, soul fragment retrievals, healing the soul, healing of the baby in the womb, downloading feelings, and more.  You will have an opportunity to practice these techniques as well as experience the effect of these practices on yourself.  


Specific Coaching Techniques

You will learn a variety of coaching techniques to help your client access their own inner wisdom and give themselves permission to be their authentic selves, including quieting the inner critic, accessing their inner wisdom, focusing on their values, bringing in curiosity, love or another energy, and reframing praise and criticism.  In this module, you will have the opportunity to practice these techniques and get real time feedback


Paradigms - Authentic Selves, Success, Callings

In this module, you will learn about different paradigms to help your clients explore and honor their authentic selves, determine what success means to them, and recognize what they might be called to do.  Most of the paradigms we operate in are those we have been conditioned to believe as the prescriptions for happiness and success.  When we give ourselves permission to create our own paradigms for success, we are able to honor those parts of us that we’ve been hiding and take a stand for what we’ve been called to do.



We will understand why we may make things more difficult than they need to be, explore ways to create more ease in our lives, and recognize when we are in more of a flow state versus forcing an outcome.   When our daily lives are run by shoulds and not opportunities or desired choices, we often find ourselves swimming upstream or constantly running into a wall.  When we are able to move into a state of ease and  flow, unexpected options and opportunities show up. 


The Art of Conversation 

Most people are afraid of confrontation and negotiation and avoid these situations until they are forced to have a challenging conversation.  In this module, you will learn how to see for yourself and help your client to see that conversations are opportunities to gather information, gain clarity, and explore ways to solve conflicts in ways that everyone feels heard and valued.  You will have the skills to help your client prepare for difficult conversations in advance and how to embrace conversation as part of their daily life.


Child, Adult and Sage Mindsets

In this module, you will learn about the different mindsets - child, adult and sage.  You will understand your own mindset and how to understand where others are on the mindset continuum.  When you are able to see where people are at, you can adjust your expectations accordingly and avoid frustration and disappointment.  You can also consciously choose the people you trust to be in your inner circle.  With this understanding, you can help your clients to gain clarity on their own expectations and disappointment.  


Other Ways to Do Belief Work

In this module, we will explore other ways to do belief work that gives the client an opportunity to be more involved in the practice, including guided visualizations, getting specific about dreams and desires, whole brain approaches and combining energy and specific energetic states with intentions.  You will have the opportunity to practice these methods in class.  



In this module, you will be exposed to key concepts in shamanism, including the medicine wheel, ceremony, journeying, and soul retrieval.  You will experience some of these practices firsthand, expanding your own experience of healing and what’s possible.  You will have more opportunity to trust your own intuition and understand the need for healing of past wounds to see the bigger picture and all that’s possible in your own life.


Goals, Focused Action and Consistency

In this module, you will learn the importance of setting goals, focused action and consistency.  You will learn how to do this in your own life and how to help your clients to do this in their lives as well.  Goals are much more easily achieved when we are intrinsically motivated and we want to achieve them rather than feeling that we have to achieve them.  You will learn strategies to help the client reframe and put practices into place so that they are successful in achieving their goals.


Business and Marketing Considerations

It can be daunting and overwhelming to begin a coaching practice. In this module,  we will explore some of the business and marketing considerations, including creating an LLC, coaching insurance, setting rates and packages, record keeping, gathering testimonials, follow up with clients, setting boundaries, how to deal with frustrating clients, websites and branding, and writing, blogging and social media,   You will understand that creating a successful coaching practice requires you to treat it like a business and take consistent action.  Remember, it will take time but you will feel confident in your ability to move forward.


Conclusion and Integration

In this module, we will briefly review what you have learned in class and how to integrate it into your own coaching practice.  We will end our time together in a sacred sharing ceremony honoring each person’s experience in the class and their intentions moving forward.  We will join together in a loving, heartfelt space, knowing that each person’s work will have a profound impact on their clients and on the world.  


3 Bonus Q & A Sessions

After completing the course schedule, there will be Three Bonus Monthly Question and Answer Sessions where you will have the opportunity to ask questions about specific situations or topics that have arisen in your coaching practice.  These will be scheduled for three consecutive months after the end of the course.  You will have the opportunity to submit your questions in advance or during the session.  Any questions that are not answered during the bonus session will be answered in an email to all members of the course.  In addition, the Question and Answer sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the course site.  

After the Course

White Structure
Energy Coach Training Course

Our next session will open for registration in early 2023.  In the meantime, we’d love to keep in touch and support you becoming the hero of your own life story!


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How it Works

Holding Hands Up High

You’re supported over time

That’s how real change happens.  This is an in-depth six month journey with 35 powerful, informative, and practical modules.

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Virtual and Flexible

The sessions are held on zoom so you can participate from anywhere in a way that works for you.  We ask for a commitment to attend the sessions live, if at all possible.

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Real Time Together

The material is in real time - NOT prerecorded.  Belinda is live with you every week for our interactive sessions.

What’s Included



Interactive class time with instruction, coaching and Q & A, resources, journaling sheets, review material, and mentored practice for each module.  

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Wisdom teachings, personal stories, valuable lessons, guest interviews, and one-on-one coaching with Belinda to support you along the way.  



Daily practices, reminders and sources of accountability to help you easily put new ways of working and living into action.

To help you connect with a like-minded community, you’ll get access to…

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Online Forums to Connect

The online forum where you can connect with other participants, get support, and ask questions between sessions.

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Virtual Meet & Greet Sessions

Virtual meet and greet sessions where we will gather online for additional support and connection with others in the training.


Lifetime Access

Lifetime access:  You can come back and attend the course again in any future year and have ongoing access to all material. 

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The Energy Coach Training is For You.

Lifetime Access and Promise

When you participate, you gain access to all future sessions of the Energy Coach Training,  free of additional charges.


Plus, if within the first month, you find the training isn’t a fit for you, simply let us know,  share your completed worksheets and we’ll refund your payment.  

Holding Hands Up High

You’re supported over time.

That’s how real change happens.  This is an in-depth six month journey with 35 powerful, informative, and practical modules.

Working from Home

Virtual and Flexible.

The sessions are held on zoom so you can participate from anywhere in a way that works for you.  We ask for a commitment to attend the sessions live, if at all possible.

People During Workshop

Real Time Together.

The material is in real time - NOT prerecorded.  Belinda is live with you every week for our interactive sessions.

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Energy Coach Training Course

Our next session will open for registration in early 2023.  In the meantime, we’d love to keep in touch and support you becoming the hero of your own life story!


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for information on future sessions of the Energy Coach Training

  • What’s the time commitment for this?
    The required class time is six hours each week (other than the weeks of May 29 (Memorial Day) and July 3 (July 4th) which will be three hours each week. There will be time in class to fill in the journaling worksheets. Additional journaling, exploring resources, review of instruction, daily practices, and practicing your skills will be at your own discretion. Class attendance is required. The expectation is that you attend all classes, unless unexpected circumstances would prohibit your attendance. If you are unable to attend via zoom due to technical difficulties or travel, there will be an option to attend via telephone. All classes will be recorded.
  • Will I have the opportunity to work with Belinda one-on-one?
    The training takes place in a group format, within which each participant will have the opportunity to share challenges, reflect on their learnings and ask questions with individual feedback from Belinda.  The training is highly interactive - Belinda is live on the calls, they are not pre-recorded.  If you submit your questions via chat and Belinda does not get to them during the class, she will send out an email afterwards. In addition, each participant will have the opportunity to meet with Belinda one-on-one six times over the course of the training.  The timing of these sessions will be at the discretion of the participant but they must be completed during the eight month course.
  • What are the dates and class times for this training?
    The next session of the Energy Coach Training will run from January 16, 2023 through July 13, 2023. Classes will be held every week on Mondays and Thursdays from 7pm to 10pm Eastern time (6pm Central time, 5pm Mountain time, 4pm Pacific time).  All calls will be recorded and posted within 24 hours.  There are also some varying times for the (optional) practice sessions, virtual meet and greets, and live Q & A and review sessions 
  • Honestly, I feel intimidated and nervous about signing up.
    You aren’t alone. Our self-doubts tend to show up when we are embarking on something unfamiliar, especially something that matters to our hearts. Know that what you are thinking and feeling is very common and know that you are joining a welcoming, gentle community and will be supported every step of the way.
  • How long do I have access to the course materials?
    During the Energy Coach Training, there will be multiple ways to download and save materials. At the conclusion of the training, you will receive a link that has all the course materials in one easy-to-access location that is yours forever, and you’ll have access to the course site for an additional six months. As a graduate of the training, you’ll also be able to participate in future training at no additional cost.
  • Will I receive a certification upon completion of the training?
    If you meet all of the requirements of the training, including attendance and participation in all required classes, meetings, coaching opportunities and practice opportunities, satisfactory completion of the written and oral assessment, and payment in full for the training, you will receive Energy Coach Training certification.
  • What is the structure and pacing of each module?
    There are 35 modules in the training. Each module has instruction, Q & A, volunteer coaching, and when appropriate opportunities to practice, and mentoring. Every two months, we will review and integrate the materials and celebrate learning and personal growth. During the last review, we will envision what’s next for participants.
  • What’s the investment?
    The cost of the training is $9495 USD when paid in full, or you can choose the 6-month payment option for $1622 USD/month or the 10-month payment option $990 USD/month.
  • What is your refund policy?
    If within the first 30 days of the training, you find the training isn’t working for you, and you have submitted your completed program materials and worksheets from the course to date, you may request a cancellation and receive a refund.
  • I’m not sure what to do.
    When making a decision, I start with information gathering and then use my feelings and intuition to determine the right path for me. The same is true when determining whether a training program is right for me. This is my process… Will the training program provide me with the tools, strategies and resources that I need to help me with what I am being called to do right now? Does it feel well aligned with my intentions for the coming year? Is the creator and the instructor/mentor of the training invested in me and my success? How do I feel when I think about participating in the training program? Is fear driving my decision or keeping me from making the decision that’s right for me? Is there any opportunity to try out the training to help me feel more comfortable and alleviate the risks? What is my intuition telling me is right for me? I invite you to do your own information gathering and reflection, and decide what’s right for you..
  • What will the community aspect of this training be like?
    Particularly during these challenging times, one of the most important elements of the training is the sacred space for connection, support and meaningful dialogue. We recognize that some participants are very eager to connect with others as a core part of their experience, and other participants are more focused on absorbing the content without distractions. The training is structured so both paths are available. The opportunities for connection include our online discussion group (hosted outside of mainstream social media) where you can dialogue with other participants, virtual meet and greets, and virtual live practice sessions.
  • What are the prerequisites for this training?
    There are no specific academic or career requirements for this training. The prerequisites that will allow you to be successful in this training include: Being called to help others become the hero of their own life story Committed to doing your own inner work using these tools Open to new perspectives and new ways of thinking and acting Not afraid to do something that others might describe as a little “woo” Ready to move into a state of expansion, spaciousness, and possibilities
  • I don’t do so well with online and distance learning. Might this work for me?
    It’s a great question. Here are a few things to keep in mind. All of the training is live and attendance is required. The curriculum is paced so that current instruction is built on what’s been taught in previous classes. The training combines written materials, worksheets and exercise, live calls, and practice. The variety of formats means you’ll be able to digest the material in ways that work for you. The classes are highly experiential and interactive which makes it easier to engage with the training and the material. In addition, a distance learning approach provides an opportunity to connect with like-minded people from all over the world.
  • What is the typical age of training participants?
    If you are asking yourself this question and wondering if you are too young or too old, you are not alone. This comes up for a lot of people considering this training. Participants in the training have ranged from early 20s to early 70s. Age is not a factor in this work. You will bring your own personal experiences and unique gifts and will be encouraged to incorporate them into the work in the way that feels right for you.
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