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Become the Hero of Your Own Life Story

Experience all that’s possible with Energy Coaching

Have you noticed how the challenges in your life overshadow everything else?

Challenges in life are inevitable.
You’ve used up all the tools in your toolbox and nothing is working.
You lose confidence in yourself and what’s possible.
It shouldn’t be so difficult to experience a beautiful life.

I get it!

Your analytical mind only gets you so far.

Forcing your way to an outcome often make things worse.

You need a creative approach

With Energy Coaching, you will become the hero of your own life story

Become the confident creator of the beautiful life you’ve always dreamed about

Stop Being Frustrated

Don’t Waste Precious Time

Easily Overcome Future Challenges

Hi, I'm Belinda

I have always been passionate about finding solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems and using tools that work. After many years of navigating life’s challenges, I became proficient at survival. Something kept nagging at me though. I knew there was more to life and I wanted to experience all that was possible, in spite of what life threw my way.


Life's circumstances caused me to pivot from my career as a lawyer and seek better tools. I became a student of the mind, body and spirit connection and explored a myriad of strategies and tools to help me and my children create the life we yearned for…and to help others to do the same. I combined what I learned from my own life experiences with my expertise in coaching, advocacy, leadership, and healing practices in a creative and loving approach to help you become the hero of your own life story.


What's holding you back?



Too risky?


Imposter syndrome?

Monkey mind?

Past experinces?

Lack of support?


Reach your full potential with Energy Coaching

Energy Coaching with Belinda Phillips gives you the tools to eliminate the obstacles in your path and open the door to endless possibilities.

Belinda’s unique approach has helped hundreds of people live rich and
meaningful lives.

Stop spinning your wheels and start living your dreams.

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Embrace Life’s Possibilities

When you eliminate the obstacles in your way, you free yourself to experience all of life’s possibilities.

3 Simple Steps to Get You There

01 Stop the Frustration

You’lll understand the tools you’ve been using to overcome your obstacles and challenges don't work. They’re limited and don’t address the root cause, which keeps you in survival mode, self-sabotaging and feeling frustrated.

02 Empower Yourself

You don’t have to go it alone. Discover new tools while feeling safe and supported. Effectively use the power of your intuition, feelings, energy, and imagination to eliminate challenges. You will feel confident to use these tools forever.

03 Celebrate Your Life

We will celebrate you as you become the hero of your own life story. You’ll trust yourself and what’s possible with the confidence to actualize your dreams. You’ll be on your way to experiencing the beautiful life you’ve always dreamed about.

I’ve helped hundreds of committed people like you each year for more than a decade.

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"Although I consider myself generally competent and capable, when I have a difficult problem that I can’t figure out how to tackle - or my preferred problem-solving methods are falling short - Belinda is my go-to. As a gifted healer with a unique skill-set, she is able to use her intuition and creativity to not only show me another perspective, but to approach the issue from a completely different angle that I would never have thought of - either mitigating the issue or making it go away completely. And I’m talking about the real challenges of life: marriage, children, business relationships, purpose, spirituality and more. My life is so much richer for having Belinda in it!"

- Libby Gill

Leadership Expert, Executive Coach, Award Winning Author

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Change your life!

You can use creative and effective tools in a safe and supportive space.

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs and fears

  • Gain clarity and focus

  • Experience what’s possible

  • Confidently create a rich and meaningful life

Stay where you are...

You can continue to do what you’ve done in the past

  • Never really addressing what’s getting in your way

  • Never getting to the root cause of your self-sabotage

You already know how that’s going to turn out.

  • Frustration

  • Exhaustion

  • Excuse-Making

  • Self-Criticism



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